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Helping - Crowdfunding Plan MLM Software

The MLM Helping / Donation Plan, also known as a Gifting or Crowd-funding MLM Plan , is the most recent concept in the MLM industry, based on a community of real people helping each other. In the Helping / Crowd-funding plan, nobody is a lender and nobody is a debtor. Everyone helps each other. The Helping / Crowd-funding / Donation plan MLM is a concept of a new trending concept in the MLM industry and many international companies use this plan. There are millions of people who benefit from this Helping / Crowd-funding Plan. The Helping / Donation or crowd-funding plan MLM is usually based on the concept of giving and receiving. This is a very attractive project among MLM leaders, since in this sense, the MLM member can provide a single help to a Member and get multiple help from other members. Although the plan is not legally approved in India, many, but many countries, allow an Helping MLM Plan or MLM Gifting Plan.

MLM Software Pune is one of the leading and professional MLM software developers in Pune, Maharashtra, specialized in the development of customized MLM donation / helping / crowd-funding plans according to your personalized plan or strategy. We have extensive experience in the development of many MLM Software in Pune, Ahmednagar, Pimpri-chinchwad, Satara and near by area. Providing our best services to many MLM Companies & developing several MLM Helping / Crowd-funding / Donations Plans for them. We also have a good experience in developing many other MLM Plans, Repurchase Plan, MLM Binary Plan, MLM Generation Plan, Level Plan MLM Software and many more. For detailed discussion please call us on +91 7620878989 / +91 7755911222

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